ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser


Key Features:

  • Safety Auto-Switch: automatically shuts off when it runs out of water to prevent overheating
  • Multiple Misting Modes: can be set to intermittently mist every 10 seconds, continuously mist, or release a strong or weak mist.
  • 4 Timer Modes: can be set to 60, 120, or 180 minute timers or a steady ON mode
  • Ultra-Quiet Fan: operational noise level is below 23 dB, more quiet than the sound of breathing
  • 7 LED Mood Lights: energy efficient and high quality LED lights that can be set to a constant color or a rotation of 7 colors and are available in bright and dim modes
  • Remote Control: conveniently control the diffuser’s settings up to 5 meters (16.5 feet) away with an easy-to-use remote control
  • BPA Free Material: made of PP plastic, safe for babies and pets
  • 500ml Capacity

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